Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How it all started...

It was 2002 and I was caught up in the planning of my own wedding when I got a call from a dear friend and sorority sister Michal who was also planning a wedding.  They were planning on having a civil union (at the courthouse), but didn't like the impersonal nature of it.  As we talked, she said they had scheduled an appointment at the local courthouse, but she wasn't looking forward to a stranger just going through the motions for them.

I recalled a recent episode of the TV show "Friends", where the character "Joey" performed the marriage ceremony for another couple on the show.
 I didn't know it at the time, but Michal was searching the web to find out what it would take to get me ordained.  She ended the conversation by saying, "Ok, you're now ordained and YOU are performing our wedding!"

None of us were sure if my "ordination" was legal, so we arrived at the courthouse an hour early to talk to the registrar about the legality of online ordination in the state of California (different states have different laws).  We were told that if I received all the necessary paperwork from the church I was ordained from, it was legal.  We ran out of the courthouse and searched out a location.  As we searched, Michal called another friend and her brother to meet us once we determined where.

This wedding took place with a total of five people present.  None of us knew what we were doing or what we were really getting ourselves into, but it was a magical day with lots of laughter, a few tears, and if I remember correctly - a bongo drum.

I can't believe almost eight years have passed since that day.  Life has definitely happened for everyone there that beautiful day.  They are still very married (in case you were wondering).  Michal is now a doctor of linguistics and Ezequiel is well on his way to having the title (Dr.) in front of his name, too.  They recently moved to Boise, Idaho when Michal accepted an Assistant Professor postion, and I miss her immensely.

I got married two weeks after I married them.  I've also had two kids and performed several ceremonies but sporatically.  My friends and family have been encouraging me to take this opportunity and run with it, but it's always been more of a hobby than a career.

I performed a renewal ceremony for a national cable network while I was six months pregnant.  I was pulled out of work shortly after for pre-term labor and returned to my full-time (and unfulfilling) job eight weeks after my beautiful baby girl was born:
 I lost my job eight weeks later.

No worries, though.  If I hadn't lost my job, I would have never made it to this point.  I am a true believer in the fact that when one door closes, God opens another door.  I'm finally ready to walk through that door... now if I could just find that bongo drum...

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